"We are quoted as The Best Public Server On FiveM"

No CIV APP needed
Friendly Active Staff

Streets of Rage RolePlay is a Serious RP Server that takes place in The State of Los Angeles Rage County. The city is ESX based. We bring custom locations that you and friends can claim as a hideout/hangout. Two black markets & drug locations are hidden for criminal use. Our custom drug script brings Lean, Codeine, Opium, Heroine and Xanax to sell. Our friendly staff are looking for serious roleplayers who enjoy realistic measures. We encourage streaming & creating stories. We always hire LEO/EMS to help keep the city safe! Rage County has custom liveries for their essential vehicles. We sell locations/businesses so people can grab a property they like fairly. Other jobs like mechanic, lawyer, player owned businesses (ex.Shops, private owned military locations, gang hideout) are available so you can reach people. Phones/radios are the main form of communications. Our weedshop makes joints legal! Also a drug effect you wouldn't see in other cities. Contact our staff if you need help!